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PARKnSHOP speaks to hearts and tongues to keep them coming back

A sharp competitive edge can still have a soft side – if it comes from the heart. PARKnSHOP speaks to the big hearts of Hong Kongers, helping them to be their better selves and to keep them coming back. It also works to bring them taste experiences they can’t get anywhere else.  

Beyond pure H2O – Watsons Water adventures

Water is just water – except when it is better water! Innovating with the world’s oldest, most important component of life is a huge challenge in a competitive market. But the Watsons Water team keeps abreast of scientific advances to track changing consumer preferences and deliver the “better water”.  

Vitaquest is answering the people’s quest for new health

In the world of health supplements, it used to be enough to offer just vitamins and minerals. But now, consumers demand nootropics and other new categories of supplements that improve mental health, mental performance and achieve “beauty from within”.  


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