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Felixstowe and Harwich selected to join UK freeport initiative

Freedom begets freedom and, in this case, freeports. In the wake of Brexit, the UK will create eight freeports – including the Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International. Beginning operations from late 2021, the freeports should enjoy simplified planning, lower customs and taxes, and incentives that will promote investment and job creation in areas surrounding the ports. The increased economic activity will attract more goods to pass through the freeports and further strengthen their position as major hubs of British trade.

5G in Ireland and Austria, inside and out!

2020 marked the launch of 3 Ireland’s 5G network, which is available in every county in Ireland, for consumers and businesses alike. 3 Austria’s 5G roll-out saw the implementation of the nation’s first full inside-and-out 5G office tower in Vienna. The new Peak Vienna building has 1GB per second rates of transmission – even in stairwells and the basement – powered by 5G minicells.

Indonesians are digging remote mobile access from 3

Mining and plantation communities are benefiting from 3 Indonesia’s installation of Nokia’s Long-Term Evolution (LTE) base stations to deliver connectivity to remote areas in central Sulawesi. The transmission relay distribution system requires an extensive backhaul network to get communication in and out of these areas. Morowali residents and businesses alike will benefit from access to telephone and Internet services.

Ireland’s 5G transformation

3 Ireland users can now access 5G on what is the country’s largest 5G network, following its September launch. Coverage is currently available in certain areas of every county – via 315 sites – and this will continue to grow with 500 more sites going live this year.


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