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Ookla says 3 is speediest in Ireland and Austria

From Austria to Ireland, Ookla says 3 beats the rest for speed. Ookla, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis, presents its annual Speedtest awards every year. For the third year in a row, Drei Austria has been deemed the fastest 5G network in Austria. It celebrated with an ad campaign that treated German speakers to witty wordplay to highlight the win. 3 Ireland won its national contest for the fastest network for a fourth year in a row and the quickest 5G network for a third time.
Biz in Brief

Are you up to speed – for the Drei SpeedRadar?

Austrians are taking up the challenge to see if they can beat the radar! Special speed cameras have been set up on popular running routes across Austria that will take a picture if people can hit a minimum speed to trigger the camera. Metaphorically linked to the telecoms company’s superfast 5G network speeds, it is spawning swarms of superfast selfie speedsters.

Steps into soups with Drei

The Drei Hilft (“Three helps”) campaign commits to providing a hearty bowl of soup to those in need, for every 500 steps taken by social media followers. About 45,000 hot soups with bread have been donated by 3 Austria so far. This covers about 22 weeks of services, provided in the dead of winter to nourish the stomachs and souls of those who most need it. This was the best result since the campaign started delivering on their campaign motto: “Every year, make a difference”.  
Biz in Brief

3 Austria launches first-ever SIM-cardless phone subscription

Fiddly SIM cards could soon be a thing of the past. 3 Austria has launched a mobile phone account that is a completely new subscription model for mobiles, with no contract and no SIM card. Users with an eSIM-capable smartphone simply download an app and can start using 3 Austria’s 5G service. The service, called up3 has no minimum contract period, no service fee and is currently the cheapest unlimited 5G service in Austria. This purely digital subscription is a brand-new category of mobile service.  
Biz in Brief

Ooh La La! Three and Drei winners of Ookla speed tests

3 Austria has once again been crowned the fastest 5G mobile network in Austria at Ookla’s annual ranking of mobile phone companies measured by their upload and download speeds for customers. Continuing its winning ways, 3 Ireland reigns supreme as the fastest provider on the Emerald Isle for both fastest mobile network and fastest 5G network. The increased caseload from the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t slow them down during the measurement period in the first half of 2021. Ookla is the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analyses.
In Focus

Disappearing bees? 5G Bee-o-meter to the rescue

Vanishing bee populations are a major problem for global agriculture. 3 Austria’s 5G network is a key part of a tech solution that puts beekeepers ‘inside’ their hives to solve problems for Man’s invaluable helpers.  
Biz in Brief

CKH IOD cracks a Blacknut to deliver gaming with 3 Austria

CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (CKH IOD) is launching a new gaming platform on mobile services provider 3 Austria. It has worked with cloud gaming platform provider Blacknut to open a new world of gaming to subscribers. Up to five family members can access over 500 family-friendly games across a range of linked platforms, from smartphones to home computers. The Blacknut cloud gaming platform will be a core element of CKH IOD’s gaming strategy, enabling seamless multi-screen access and immersive experiences across a rich and dynamic portfolio of games, unlocking the power of our 5G networks for all Blacknut customers.  
Biz in Brief

5G in Ireland and Austria, inside and out!

2020 marked the launch of 3 Ireland’s 5G network, which is available in every county in Ireland, for consumers and businesses alike. 3 Austria’s 5G roll-out saw the implementation of the nation’s first full inside-and-out 5G office tower in Vienna. The new Peak Vienna building has 1GB per second rates of transmission – even in stairwells and the basement – powered by 5G minicells.


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