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The future of Hong Kong is LNG

HK Electric co-hosted an opening ceremony for the city’s first offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal with its project partner, CLP Power. The supply of low-carbon LNG to Hong Kong’s electricity generation and distribution companies will help the city in its transition to carbon neutrality by 2050.

The project was the collective success of business partners, marine experts, engineers, technicians, construction workers and other colleagues from the two power companies. The city has also benefited from the Hong Kong SAR Government’s environmental policies that have facilitated the construction of this complex but important infrastructure.  

They said it couldn’t be done – “They” were wrong

3 Denmark defied all the experts who predicted that their 3G network company, launched in 2003 with precisely zero customers, was doomed to failure. Twenty years on, they are celebrating serving over 1.5 million personal and business Danish customers. They took over 11,000 of them from the competition in Q3 alone.

As if that wasn’t enough, their 5G network was named the “Most Consistent/Best Network Overall” in Denmark by telecommunications analysis agency Opensignal. They also came out on top for accessibility and upload and download speeds for a 5G network in Denmark.

Ruby revels for Hutchison Ports Duisburg

Hutchison Ports Duisburg celebrated its Ruby anniversary in September in style. Forty years ago, DeCeTe Duisburg opened its doors to strengthen the trading capacity of the German Ruhr industrial heartland with seaborne linkages to the world. Rail and barge connections to the open sea are part of the trimodal model that serves shipping lines, logistics service providers, shippers and operators with distinction.  

Fruquintinib marches on, securing key US approval

Those suffering from metastatic colorectal cancer will soon have another option that could improve their survival rates and extend their lives. HUTCHMED’s partner, global pharmaceutical firm Takeda, has obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to make FRUZAQLA™ (fruquintinib) available on the US market.

The drug has been approved for use in patients as part of a treatment protocol that gives them another chance when other treatments such as chemotherapy have proven ineffective. The development partnership with Takeda is part of a broader global partnership strategy. Achieving this watershed will trigger the delivery of sales royalties as well as a milestone payment as part of a deal that will total up to US$1.13 billion.  

Unleashing the Power of Vaccines to Fight Cancer!

Scientists are making incredible progress in using vaccines to combat cancer, bringing hope for improved cancer treatments in the future. Researchers at CK Life Sciences are developing vaccines that can slow down the growth and spread of cancer or prevent its recurrence after surgery.

One of their promising vaccines targets two proteins, PD-L1 (programmed death ligand 1) and PRAME (preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma), which are involved in promoting cancer. Normally, the immune system uses T cells to attack cancer cells, but PD-L1 puts the brakes on T cells, preventing them from doing their job. PRAME, on the other hand, promotes cancer cell growth and spread.

CK Life Science’s PD-L1/PRAME dual-targeting vaccine works by stimulating the immune system to produce T cells that can specifically kill cancer cells that have PD-L1 and/or PRAME. It also triggers the production of antibodies that can block PD-L1, allowing the T cells to attack cancer cells more effectively. Additionally, antibodies against PRAME further enhance the killing of cancer cells.

CK Life Sciences presented their innovative research on this vaccine at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego, showcasing its potential for treating liver cancer.  

Reflecting on 120 years of history with an eye to the future

Congratulations to Watsons Water for a successful 120 years! Watsons Water started producing bottled water to save the people of Hong Kong from plague arising from an unsafe water supply in 1903. Over the years, Watsons Water has taken care of its customers with heart. Watsons Water now reflects this commitment in campaigns like “Because WE CARE”, which showcases its dedication to creating a sustainable future.  

The BEST in Spain is keeping it green

Hutchison Ports BEST has welcomed six hybrid shuttle carriers that will enable a 40% reduction of carbon emissions through the use of a super-efficient regenerative energy system. The Barcelona port took on the new cranes that help to move containers from one part of the facility to another. All electricity at the port is generated from renewable sources, so every electric-powered element is a big step forward. As more and more European companies seek to reduce the carbon footprint of their transportation networks, BEST is looking like the best option for international transport.

Trekpleister is Putten its best foot forward in the Netherlands

Trekpleister, AS Watson’s health and beauty brand in the Netherlands, has launched its new concept stores in two towns, Putten and Bodegraven. The new concept prioritises the O+O (Offline plus Online) customer experience. These stores are the pioneers that future stores will follow, both in concept and layout. They feature a fresh and stylish beauty corner, as well as a new cashier area with a digital screen. Additionally, the stores are fully equipped with LED lighting, demonstrating Trekpleister's commitment to accelerating sustainability efforts. Keep it fresh, Trekpleister!  

Breaking ground on HyP Gladstone

Hydrogen is the future of Queensland, and Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) is building that future. Construction has started on Hydrogen Park (HyP) Gladstone, located on Australia’s northeast coast. The plant will enable AGIG to introduce a 10% blend of renewable hydrogen into the natural gas currently used by homes and businesses. The renewable hydrogen burns clean with no carbon emissions and can be increased as a percentage of the flow over time. Around 770 homes and businesses will be online by early 2024 – and as the project reaches its full potential, it will save over 57 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year.  

3 UK helps to level up rural UK

3 UK has completed the construction of over 100 sites to help bring its national geographic 4G coverage to 90% of the country and to hit 95% coverage by all UK mobile network operators by 2026.

The Shared Rural Network (SRN) is a £1 billion programme supported by the mobile industry and the UK government that aims to improve connectivity in the UK’s most rural locations. Sixty-five of 3’s 100 SRN sites have been deployed across Scotland, providing coverage for 12,500 premises across nearly 2,000 square kilometres of the UK’s most remote locations.  

ESDlife’s winning ways in 2023

ESDlife’s WeVow lit a fire at the Spark Awards 2023 to win two Gold awards for “Best Promotion Strategy” and “Best Use of Mobile/App”. WeVow is a wedding app that uses AI and data analyses to make life easier for stressed-out couples working on making their big day the best day.

WeVow and a staff engagement app, We+, along with various client projects, have racked up the awards all year long, including the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing Triple Crown Award. The We+ app won Human Resources Online magazine’s Gold for the “Best HR Digital Transformation Strategy”. These are just the highlights of over 15 awards won from those listed plus the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, the DigiZ Awards, MOB-Ex Awards, Loyalty and Engagement Awards, Employee Experience Awards and HR Distinction Awards.

Felixstowe deepens its capacity for the best and biggest

The completion of works to dramatically deepen berths 8 and 9 at Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe has cleared the way for even bigger ships to call at the port. The OOCL Felixstowe, a massive 24,188 TEU mega container vessel operated by Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd (“OOCL”), came on 4 October 2023 to be part of the official announcement of completion. Felixstowe now provides levels of access that are unequalled anywhere else in the UK, increasing the berthing windows for the biggest vessels and the number of ultra-large vessels that can enter or leave the port on each high tide.  

A lean, green, mobile power bank!

HK Electric has introduced a powerful, mobile electricity-generating unit that can step in to provide a green supply in case of an emergency. It is a two-truck system that could also be deployed as a backup power source for major events. It can provide up to two hours of continuous power supply for more than 650 households. In Hong Kong, it debuted at the FIA World Rallycross Championship in autumn 2023.

The innovative system’s dual-pronged approach features an energy storage truck and a power changeover truck that allows an uninterrupted power supply. Batteries are replacing traditional diesel systems – they are quieter and greener in operation.  

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison wins HR award with validation of post-merger success

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has won the Gold award of the Stevie International Business Award 2023 in the HR Department of the Year category. The award specifically recognises the success of the company’s post-merger management and enhancement of human resources.

The use of technology such as Robotic Process Automation by Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison was particularly noted and how this was combined with a human touch that respected culture and honoured their staff. The company were recognised for reaching out to staff families through programmes like the Family Festival that brought together over 14,000 staff and their families from the combined companies in nine cities. Keep building those bridges to the future!  

CKHH cited for Excellence at HKMA Awards

CK Hutchison was cited for an “Excellence Report Award” at the 2023 Best Annual Reports Awards. The Awards are presented by the Hong Kong Management Association and recognise not only timely and accurate reporting but also accessibility, clarity and the quality of environmental, social and governance reporting in the Annual Report. Congratulations!

AS Watson wins Beauty Retailer of the Year Award in Cannes

AS Watson has received prestigious accolades at the BW Confidential Beauty Party in Cannes, France. BW Confidential is a leading media group covering the ins and outs of the beauty retail industry.

AS Watson was honoured with the title of Beauty Retailer of the Year, a huge achievement in a year that posed many challenges to the industry. The award recognises foci on innovation, technology, customer relationship management and customer understanding and sustainability. Ms Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson (Asia & Europe), was also named Executive of the Year.  

Bonjour Toulouse! From the BEST in Spain!

Hutchison Ports BEST in Barcelona now has a direct rail connection service to Toulouse in France, more than 400km by rail. There are three weekly trains that can carry 108 TEU to reduce transit time for shippers. The logistics company, Hutchison Logistics Synergy, is making this connection possible and bringing new opportunities to European exporters and importers keen to capitalise on BEST’s contribution to lowering their carbon footprint in their supply chain. They will also benefit from more flexible and dependable transport options. BEST has three gauges of rail, meaning they can take shipments from a wide variety of sources. The BEST of all worlds, indeed.

Flexible Exports wins top prize

SA Power Networks’ “Flexible Exports” project has won the Australian Institute of Energy’s SA Energy Project of the Year Award 2023. The award is offered to the most significant and successful energy-related project, such as research, policy, legal, commercial, engineering and construction, over the past 12 months.

SA Power Networks engaged with more than 6,000 national and international stakeholders to successfully develop and deploy Flexible Exports, which allow solar customers to export up to 10kW of energy depending on grid capacity at the time. It’s a game-changer for both the industry and customers alike who now have an even bigger stake in producing zero-emission energy.  

3 Sweden invests in the bandwidth of the future

3 Sweden has gone big by investing in the bandwidth it will need to best serve its customers. It has purchased 1.2 billion SEK (>US$115 million) to secure the spectrum needed for the next 25 years of telecommunications service in the 5G era and beyond. This retains the use of the mid-band spectrum as well as the lower band spectrum for future use.

Supplying America’s Heartland: The Duluth Marine Terminal

Lake Superior is the greatest of the Great Lakes, the huge inland freshwater oceans that stretch into the heart of North America. They are a vital waterway, and at their western extremity lies the Duluth Marine Terminal, fuelled and operated by the Cenovus Superior Refinery. This crucial gateway brings goods into the American heartland at the border of two states, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Freight moved by water is one of the most energy-efficient forms of transport. The terminal also serves as a major refuelling port for ships carrying essential products such as limestone, grain, cement, salt, wind turbines and other cargo. It provides economic support as a transit port for the region and as a local employer is a vital part of the mid-West economy.  

UK Power Networks driving change through the supply chain

If you don’t have a Supply Chain Day, perhaps you should consider organising one. UK Power Networks (UKPN) does, and it tells suppliers how important they are and how they can help.

On Supply Chain Day, 135 suppliers, representing 80% of suppliers, committed to honouring UKPN’s new green Code of Conduct. More are signing on. UKPN also provides support for micro- and small-business suppliers that may lack the resources of larger firms.

The Code addresses actions that include committing to the circular economy, reducing carbon emissions, improving social mobility and upholding high ethical standards, among other requirements.  

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and China Mobile International Launch Strategic Partnership

Telecom giants Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and China Mobile International have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate innovation specifically in communications, data centres and infrastructure technology. The MoU establishes a framework for cooperation to collaborate to deliver innovative and competitive digital solutions to better serve global customers.

The agreement will help them not only in their home markets but also in expanding into other markets in the region. They hope to help create an intelligent digital ecosystem in the region, integrating technology, capital and industry to strengthen regional economic cooperation and provide a digital innovation platform for regional prosperity.  

Turning trash into treasure: EDL’s largest RNG facility

Global sustainable energy producer EDL and key project stakeholders Republic Services, NW Natural Renewables and Pennant Midwest have commenced operations at the Limestone Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility near Youngstown, Ohio, USA.

EDL has upgraded an existing landfill gas-to-energy power plant to an RNG facility near Republic Services’ Carbon Limestone Landfill.

This new facility is helping to tackle the issue of carbon-heavy landfill gas (LFG) that typically escapes into the atmosphere due to the decomposition of rubbish. The LFG is processed and conditioned into pipeline-quality RNG – reducing harmful emissions and providing a reliable source of green energy for local residents and businesses.

The Limestone RNG facility is designed to produce 1.7 million MMBtu (million British thermal units) of RNG in 2024 – comparable to removing the emissions from 13,170 passenger vehicles from roads each year.  

Flying with hydrogen – Wales & West

Wales & West Utilities have partnered with ARUP, a global engineering consultant, to produce a report to explore how hydrogen could transform the aviation sector across their region. Hydrogen in Aviation explores how hydrogen could be used at airports in Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter and Newquay.

The report also helps potential users and suppliers to make practical plans to incorporate hydrogen into their operations. Pipeline builders can use the report to plan infrastructure changes and support the advancement of the hydrogen economy. This is an exciting first step in decarbonising our air travel.  

3 Ireland energises the Emerald Isle with an Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic is Ireland’s biggest music festival and it is powered by 3 Ireland! The headline sponsor kept partygoers in touch as they rocked it out to headliners like Billie Eilish, The Killers, Wet Leg and Paulo Nutini. In 2023, the festival experienced a 92% increase in data usage by Three customers, including a ginormous 378% increase in 5G traffic. Three carried 40% of all data downloaded at the festival and partygoers made over 1.5 million calls and uploaded countless videos to social media to bring the festival to the world via the 3 Ireland network!  

Hey, Sailor! How about some 5G for your short leave?!

Wind Tre is collaborating with the Ports of Genoa’s PSA Genoa Pra’ to create a 5G-driven Smart Port. The terminal port will get its own high performance 5G Private Network. The industrial setting demands an ultra-reliable platform which will enable the development and deployment of innovative solutions tied into the PSA Genoa Pra’s databases. Port authorities believe it will contribute to the port’s competitiveness and attractiveness to international shippers.

HTHK completes the year by investing in people and technology

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong (HTHK) is closing 2023 by investing in technology and people.

Investing in technology, HTHK has expanded its sea coverage. The company has deployed innovative e-MIMO Pro technology and an 8T8R antenna configuration in the 700MHz band of spectrum in multiple hotspots in Hong Kong seas to ensure boaters and mariners can stay in touch.

Investing in people, HTHK senior leaders gathered to learn and share new ideas to prepare for 2024. A town hall was the setting for the company’s creative, business and scientific minds. They met outside office for a full day to plan a path forward in a competitive market, taking time to present the Distinguished Honour Award to those who have been with the company for over 25 years.


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