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Business Unit

SAPN wins top kudos at 2023 SA Volunteer Awards

The SA Volunteer Awards, hosted by the South Australian Government has recognised SA Power Networks’ efforts in the community with a Premier’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Award celebrates a for-profit business that makes an extraordinary contribution to the community. SAPN supported in the region of 44 organisations last year with millions of dollars of direct grant funding. During 2022, it also launched its inaugural community grants programme that benefited another 25 community groups, schools and not-for-profits. That big-hearted approach to the community deserves to be celebrated!

SA Power Networks’ sunny plans bear powerful fruit

South Australia is a world leader in the adoption of rooftop solar energy. On the sunniest days, home owners now put more energy back into the grid than they take out. In late December, a new record was set with the distribution network operated by SA Power Networks exporting 185MW to the national grid. SA Power Networks’ active support of rooftop solar has resulted in it receiving the South Australian Premier’s Award for Innovation and Collaboration in Energy for its Enhanced Voltage Management Project. This project has improved substation voltage management and local network solar capacity for 80% of SA Power Networks’ customers.
Biz in Brief

Enerven wins with rapid roll-out of solar and battery solutions for water utility

Enerven, an SA Power Networks company, has won the Australian Construction Achievement Award. Their Zero Cost Energy Future project for SA Water saw Enerven design and build over 242GWh of solar photovoltaic (PV) and 34MWh of energy storage across 33 South Australia water sites in less than 24 months. This storage enables SA Water to manage their excess energy production and feed it back into the grid to achieve a zero-net outcome.


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