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Breaking ground on HyP Gladstone

Hydrogen is the future of Queensland, and Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) is building that future. Construction has started on Hydrogen Park (HyP) Gladstone, located on Australia’s northeast coast. The plant will enable AGIG to introduce a 10% blend of renewable hydrogen into the natural gas currently used by homes and businesses. The renewable hydrogen burns clean with no carbon emissions and can be increased as a percentage of the flow over time. Around 770 homes and businesses will be online by early 2024 – and as the project reaches its full potential, it will save over 57 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year.  
Biz in Brief

HyPeractively greening the energy supply of Australia

Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) has ramped up the supply of hydrogen to customers in South Australia. In May 2023, the current 700 customers ballooned to 4,000 homes and businesses in Mitchell Park, Clovelly Park and parts of Marion. Happy customers over the past two years of HyP SA’s operation merit the expansion of the platform that produces hydrogen and then adds it to natural gas flows to customers. HyP SA currently has Australia’s biggest electrolyser to create stored hydrogen power and will hold that title until the next wave of projects come online, including Australian Gas Infrastructure Group’s 10MW HyP Murray Valley project, in mid-2025.  
Biz in Brief

The HyPe rolls on!

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group is rolling out hydrogen production facilities in the HyPs: Hydrogen Parks. The next to come is Murray Valley. Construction is commencing soon on HyP Murray Valley and it’s expected to start producing in mid-2025. The HyP will create hydrogen that will be mixed into the existing natural gas supply to the homes of 40,000 customers in the Albury-Wodonga region. The 10MW electrolyser will have eight times the capacity of Australia’s current biggest operational electrolyser, eclipsing its production.  
In Focus

Weathering the climate-change storm to a carbon-free future

CKHH companies are enacting adaptive strategies to mitigate climate change, including leading the charge in the hydrogen revolution. Day 2 of the Global Climate Action Conference explored how CKHH companies deal with climate-change extreme events and how they are transitioning to climate-friendly energy generation.  
In Focus

The future of clean energy

CKHH companies aren’t just spending money on traditional renewable energy – they are investing in original R&D to bring innovative solutions to bear. Pilot projects advance to become invaluable solutions to mass adoption of green technologies that just might save us all.  

HyPer-winning ways for AGIG

The Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) has won the 2022 Energy Community Engagement Award at the South Australian 2022 Premier’s Awards in Energy and Mining. The accolade was given for the success of the engagement programme surrounding its Hydrogen Park South Australia project. AGIG co-designed the programme with the community, as the residents of Mitchell Park became the first in Australia to receive a hydrogen–natural gas blend into their homes. Schools and businesses in nearby suburbs will be the next to benefit from a blended solution when the project expands later in 2023.
In Focus

Do Believe the HyPe: AGIG is replacing natural gas with hydrogen

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group is proving itself a public ally by greening the gas supply of Australian homes and taking the first steps to deliver 100% emission-free hydrogen to replace gas.  


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