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Business Unit
Biz in Brief

One brand to rule them all

It is all Enviro NZ now! The constituent companies have been brought under the Enviro NZ brand. EnviroWaste, ChemWaste, EnviroEarth and the parent company Enviro NZ all now bear one moniker and look, simplifying and strengthening the brand in the public eye. Popular apps such as the EnviroEarth app will still work and will be updated with the new style in time. Enviro NZ employs around 1,100 New Zealanders who provide essential waste and recycling solutions for a third of all local councils, and more than half a million business and household customers.
In Focus

The future of clean energy

CKHH companies aren’t just spending money on traditional renewable energy – they are investing in original R&D to bring innovative solutions to bear. Pilot projects advance to become invaluable solutions to mass adoption of green technologies that just might save us all.  

Bring on the Beast!

New Zealand’s Beast is eating up timber – and that’s the solution, not the problem! Unwanted waste wood makes up 12% of all waste filling up the Kiwi nation’s landfill sites. EnviroNZ’s new heavy machinery, known as “the Beast” chews up waste wood and converts it into wood pellets. Those pellets are then sold to a cement factory which uses them as biofuel. This keeps construction and demolition timber out of landfill sites and reduces the use of fossil fuels – a double win, courtesy of the Beast!
Biz in Brief

Committed to recycling

EnviroNZ sees New Zealand as a nation of committed recyclers. The company is supporting the country’s commitment with its new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Timaru, South Island. The new MRF can process up to 5 tonnes of mixed plastics, aluminium, steel, paper and cardboard every hour. Materials are recovered for reuse and are kept out of landfill.  

Empowering everyone to keep New Zealand green

EnviroNZ has enlisted sustainability champions Deepa Goswami and Danielle Schäche to help New Zealanders waste less and recycle more. The duo empower citizens and businesses to think about waste in new ways in support of regional waste minimisation goals. They work with local government bodies and community groups as part of the team at EnviroWaste.  
Biz in Brief

Circle of Life with EnviroNZ

Responsible waste management is now a concern for all good corporate citizens. The circular economy is an economy where resources are constantly being captured and put to good use instead of going to waste. EnviroNZ is supporting New Zealand’s transition to a low-carbon circular economy. These efforts are chronicled in their first ever Sustainability Report, showcasing their work with industry partners to deliver tangible solutions that can bring the circular economy to life.  


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