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Committed to recycling

EnviroNZ sees New Zealand as a nation of committed recyclers. The company is supporting the country’s commitment with its new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Timaru, South Island. The new MRF can process up to 5 tonnes of mixed plastics, aluminium, steel, paper and cardboard every hour. Materials are recovered for reuse and are kept out of landfill.  
Biz in Brief

Reuse, recycle and – reconcrete

New Zealand’s EnviroWaste is setting a target of keeping concrete out of landfill by using an innovative process to recycle the vital building material to create various grades of aggregate. A new recovery and processing plant has been unveiled at its Bombay Resource Recovery facility in South Auckland. The company has a long history of innovative recycling including kerbside collection of recyclables, food scraps and glass recycling. The latest plant will help New Zealand to reduce the environmental impact of its current building boom by bringing old concrete into new projects and reducing the need to mine virgin sand and coarse aggregate.  

The circle of plastic life turns with Plastic Reborn

Watsons’ retail outlets will become the nodes of a city-wide plastic bottle collection network to get plastic bottles into recycling facilities and out of landfill. It’s part of a programme with global consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble and Hong Kong-based circular economy service The Loops. Customers will be incentivised by receiving Plastic Reborn eStamps which they can redeem for products. The bottles will be transported to the New Life Plastics plant in Tuen Mun’s Eco Park where they will be prepared to be reborn into their next incarnation.  
Biz in Brief

The path to a greener future with PATHWATER

100% recyclable. Made of 70% recycled material. AND BPA free!?! This bottle has got it all. Watsons Water has launched an innovative packaging with its new PATHWATER aluminium bottles. The bottles are also designed for re-using, which has been part of their immense popularity since they were launched earlier this year.  


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