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CK Climate Conference - 8 to 10 February 2023

CK Hutchison is taking big steps in empowering the net-zero transition. Join us to learn about the significant steps being taken across the Group’s core businesses of Ports, Retail, Telecommunications and Infrastructure to create a greener future.

During the virtual conference you will hear from Executive Directors and business-level CEOs that are setting the tone from the top. You will learn how Ports, Retail and Telecommunications have set - and will achieve - their science-based targets and net-zero commitments. The companies within the Infrastructure division will share the leadership steps they are taking in renewable and other clean energy, developing a circular economy, promoting climate adaptation and protecting biodiversity.

The inaugural conference has been organised Group-wide and we welcome delegates from across the Group. The agenda is available here.

Please sign up here by February 1 to secure a (limited) spot. Space is limited, priority will be given to CK Hutchison Group colleagues.

Bringing young people into the ports business

Hutchison Ports Pakistan is implementing a youth internship and training programme to bring people into the world of port management and engineering. Working with the Hunar Foundation, they are supporting technical education for underprivileged students. They will be accepting interns into the engineering department of the terminal adjacent to the city of Karachi.

Bring on the Beast!

New Zealand’s Beast is eating up timber – and that’s the solution, not the problem! Unwanted waste wood makes up 12% of all waste filling up the Kiwi nation’s landfill sites. EnviroNZ’s new heavy machinery, known as “the Beast” chews up waste wood and converts it into wood pellets. Those pellets are then sold to a cement factory which uses them as biofuel. This keeps construction and demolition timber out of landfill sites and reduces the use of fossil fuels – a double win, courtesy of the Beast!

Wind Tre is in the House (of Emerging Technology)!

Twelve innovative new companies are going to be welcomed to the House of Emerging Technology of Rome to get a boost from Wind Tre and partners. The House of Emerging Technology will select tech start-ups using AI, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) or 5G to address two areas of strategic importance for the city of Rome: mobility and tourism. This partnership is co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, select Roman universities and corporate partners including Wind Tre. The House will provide aspiring innovators and citizens with a home to develop and share ideas, test new technologies and transfer acquired knowledge.

Ports playground for orphans

Hutchison Ports Gdynia, on Poland’s north shore near Gdansk, has opened a new playground at a children’s shelter that has been taking in orphans from Ukraine. They started their charitable fundraising that led to the commissioning and installation of the playground in June. Today, children can escape the darkness in their lives with happy times in the playground with other children.

Saving our oceans in Indonesia

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has joined forces with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Indonesia) to promote environmental preservation of marine habitats in Bali. They are working together to advance four main objectives: the rehabilitation of marine habitats, improving plastic waste management in coastal areas, strengthening turtle conservation communities, and empowering communities in the surrounding environment to improve ocean ecology. The Corporate Social Responsibility Marine Conservation programme is the first step towards helping repair the damage humans have done to our oceans.

Climbing the mountain to success

Hutchison Ports Ajman is taking inspiration from its customer service representative, Nayla Al Baloushi. She is the first Emirati woman to climb Mount Everest, conquering the dangerous ascent. Hutchison Ports Ajman is taking the opportunity to promote women’s fitness and achievement in the company.


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