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Smiles for life – 6,500 of them

In 2018, AS Watson launched its first-ever global sustainability campaign “Give a Smile” with Operation Smile. To date, they have supported over 6,500 children born with cleft lips with their physical condition and mental wellbeing. The company first aimed to transform 10,000 smiles by 2030 and now expects to surpass this target by 2026.

The programme also supports women in medicine. Operation Smile’s Women in Medicine provides educational pathways for women in the medical and health sectors.  

Hutchison Ports is ready to Go Green around the world

Hutchison Ports, from Pakistan to the Bahamas, is taking big green steps to do their part for the planet. Hutchison Ports KICT saw more than 40 staff plant trees and shrubs at the Clifton Urban Forest, Karachi. The project respects local know-how by using the Miyawaki technique to plant and nurture tree saplings of dozens of species, including moringa, sukhchain, oleander, date palms and wild almonds.

In the Bahamas, Team Hutchison Ports FHC went green by repeating their mission to collect mangrove propagules, with a view to re-planting them along the island’s coastlines. So far this year, the team has harvested and potted 2,045 propagules as part of their overall sustainability plan.

3 Hong Kong is driving the world beat

Happy Hong Kong’s beat was heard around the globe, thanks to 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network. 3 Hong Kong collaborated with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Drum Festival last October. As the 5G Strategic Partner for the event, 3 Hong Kong powered a 4K ultra-high-definition live streaming, bringing the captivating drum rhythms and the scenic beauty of the West Kowloon Cultural District to all parts of the world.

CKI family, all around the world

CK Infrastructure gathered a group of high-achieving colleagues from around the world and their family members for a day of fun and games in Hong Kong last November with 1,200 participants attending. Held after a long COVID-induced hiatus, the CKI International Family Day brings together staff and family members from Hong Kong, Mainland China as well as the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. A tug-of-war and dance competition were two of the highlight events of the day.

The CKI International Family Day celebrates the team and family spirit amongst colleagues of different nationalities and cultures from all corners of the globe, standing united as a strong family unit with common fundamental values and a desire to achieve excellence. The smiles and joy were clear enough to show that the CKI family was happy to be together again!

SHPL is bringing books to children in rural communities

Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals Ltd is passionate about bringing education to children in rural communities in China. It recently built its 84th library in the country. This repository of learning is in Chengkou, a rural county in the mountains of southwest China and far from the madding crowd. Volunteers from the company were led on this expedition by company president Zhou Junjie.

Zhou made good use of his knowledge of Chinese medicine by conducting a course on traditional Chinese medicines to introduce the concept to children and perhaps inspire them to become healthcare practitioners and to learn more about their Chinese heritage.

Stronger through sports! The Watsons Athletic Club Annual Challenge 2023

AS Watson annually supports one of the biggest youth athletic events in Hong Kong. Since 2009, the Watsons Athletic Club Annual Challenge has grown, and in 2023, it attracted participation from more than 6,900 individuals across 27 different competitive events.

It is recognised by the Hong Kong, China Association of Athletics Affiliates as an accredited competition. The Watsons Athletic Club nurtures track and field talents and boasts a current membership of 1,250, including 69 athletes and coaches who are members of the Hong Kong, China Athletics Team.  

UK Power Networks shows it cares with real support

UK Power Networks is taking real steps to help its customers with their cost-of-living struggles. It provides funding and programmes that help energy-vulnerable populations deal with increased costs and isolation.

The Cost of Living Fund now stands at £500,000 and is distributed to organisations so that they can conduct more home visits and provide income to those desperately in need. With cold snaps threatening people, the support has empowered the creation of 120 “warm hubs” that have reached over 18,400 people; over 3,000 have received substantial support.  

Food Angels in the city – PARKnSHOP partners

Since 2012, PARKnSHOP has been a pioneer among Hong Kong supermarkets to donate edible surplus food. To date, it has donated more than 3,900 tonnes of food, which has helped the organisation Food Angel make up more than 12 million meal boxes and over 2 million food packs to feed needy people. Currently, around 150 stores and the Sheung Shui Fresh Food Distribution Centre are donating vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and packaged food to Food Angel.  

EDL celebrates Jabiru Power Station’s first 500 days of operation with new conservation partnership

Jabiru Power Station in the Northern Territory, Australia has completed 500 days of operation – providing renewable energy from solar power to local residents and businesses in the remote township, surrounded by the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.

In a powerful blend of clean energy and environmental conservation, global sustainable energy producer EDL has partnered with the Northern Territory Government, Parks Australia and local Djurrubu Rangers to safeguard the black-footed tree-rat and its habitat.

An established 1,000-hectare conservation zone will be carefully managed through a plan and monitoring programme, including controlling feral animals and weeds, managing fires on a small scale and conducting surveys to keep track of the local wildlife.  

Cenovus to support the building of Tawâw Park in Lamont, Alberta

Cenovus is contributing C$100,000 to the building of a children’s park. This will provide an inclusive space for residents and visitors alike to interact and build positive experiences in the town of Lamont, Alberta.

“Tawâw” means “Come in, you’re welcome” or “There is always room for one more” in the language of the local Indigenous people, the Cree. The development is part of Cenovus’ commitment to supporting healthy, safe and resilient communities. There will also be several Indigenous elements, including an orange footbridge to emphasise the importance of a safe space for children – the colour orange reflects that every child matters and represents Orange Shirt Day, a Canadian movement established in response to past injustices visited on Indigenous people and especially their children. Indigenous youth artists will also be invited to decorate the space.  


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