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They said it couldn’t be done – “They” were wrong

3 Denmark defied all the experts who predicted that their 3G network company, launched in 2003 with precisely zero customers, was doomed to failure. Twenty years on, they are celebrating serving over 1.5 million personal and business Danish customers. They took over 11,000 of them from the competition in Q3 alone.

As if that wasn’t enough, their 5G network was named the “Most Consistent/Best Network Overall” in Denmark by telecommunications analysis agency Opensignal. They also came out on top for accessibility and upload and download speeds for a 5G network in Denmark.
Biz in Brief

3 Denmark supports innovative approach to promote solar power

3 Denmark has signed up with a local startup, the 0-Mission, to replace the energy it consumes from the power grid with solar-generated electricity. It supports the 0-Mission’s privately funded solar park through a subscription that reduces its carbon footprint from electricity usage. Normally companies would have to undertake to build their own renewable energy capacity, a time-consuming process. Through this initiative, 3 Denmark can start to offset its environmental impact immediately, doing good now rather than later.  
Biz in Brief

3 Denmark scoops up Danish spectrum auction

3 Denmark has secured a wide swathe of radio bandwidth for the next 20 years after paying top dollar in a recent auction by the national regulator. The 3.5 GHz frequency ‘property’ will mean that 3 Denmark will be able to deliver a superior 5G service to its customers in the Scandinavian nation. It also secured bandwidth in other spectra that will bolster its current 4G and 5G services. Furthermore, its acquisitions in the 26 GHz band will empower its offerings in ultra-fast mmWave technology.  
Biz in Brief

3 Denmark launches 5G services

Copenhagen and Roskilde are the first spots to enjoy the beginning of 5G in Denmark for customers of 3 Denmark and those under the Oister brand. With this successful leap at the end of the year, the network will continue to expand and be made available to the whole country by 2022.  


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