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Saving our oceans in Indonesia

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison has joined forces with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Indonesia) to promote environmental preservation of marine habitats in Bali. They are working together to advance four main objectives: the rehabilitation of marine habitats, improving plastic waste management in coastal areas, strengthening turtle conservation communities, and empowering communities in the surrounding environment to improve ocean ecology. The Corporate Social Responsibility Marine Conservation programme is the first step towards helping repair the damage humans have done to our oceans.

UK Power Networks is going to the birds

Installing homes for migratory swifts might not be the first thing you think of a power company doing, but UK Power Networks partnered with North East Herts Swifts Group to do just that. The birds’ population has been declining for years and the power company is helping by installing potential homes, including tempting bird song audio, on the village hall in Albury, southwest of London. Swifts nest as colonies and return to the same home every year after their long migration to Africa, so once established in Albury, they could return annually.


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