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Drones: taking the danger out of ensuring safety, from sea to sky

Safety engineers at CKHH companies around the world are innovating by using flyers and rollers to improve quality, lower costs and increase the frequency of safety inspections.  

Bringing down barriers for the bright minds of our future

Sailing through academic waters just got smoother with Cenovus Energy’s scholarship programmes, which provide support to bright young minds in the US and Canada. Their Indigenous scholarships and STEM scholarships award recipients with $5,000 each (CAD and USD), along with development opportunities to help students thrive in their future careers.

These scholarships aim to remove barriers for students so that they can focus on their studies, develop their skills, broaden their networks and identify job opportunities for the future.  

Cenovus to support the building of Tawâw Park in Lamont, Alberta

Cenovus is contributing C$100,000 to the building of a children’s park. This will provide an inclusive space for residents and visitors alike to interact and build positive experiences in the town of Lamont, Alberta.

“Tawâw” means “Come in, you’re welcome” or “There is always room for one more” in the language of the local Indigenous people, the Cree. The development is part of Cenovus’ commitment to supporting healthy, safe and resilient communities. There will also be several Indigenous elements, including an orange footbridge to emphasise the importance of a safe space for children – the colour orange reflects that every child matters and represents Orange Shirt Day, a Canadian movement established in response to past injustices visited on Indigenous people and especially their children. Indigenous youth artists will also be invited to decorate the space.  
Biz in Brief

Supplying America’s Heartland: The Duluth Marine Terminal

Lake Superior is the greatest of the Great Lakes, the huge inland freshwater oceans that stretch into the heart of North America. They are a vital waterway, and at their western extremity lies the Duluth Marine Terminal, fuelled and operated by the Cenovus Superior Refinery. This crucial gateway brings goods into the American heartland at the border of two states, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Freight moved by water is one of the most energy-efficient forms of transport. The terminal also serves as a major refuelling port for ships carrying essential products such as limestone, grain, cement, salt, wind turbines and other cargo. It provides economic support as a transit port for the region and as a local employer is a vital part of the mid-West economy.  
Biz in Brief

Cenovus Energy helps to give new Canadians their best start in the country

Canada has always been, and continues to be, a hot destination for immigrants. Cenovus Energy is supporting their resettlement with a C$450,000 grant to local non-governmental organisation (NGO) Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC). The city is home to over 400,000 immigrants and refugees and the strategic partnership with ISC will help direct immigrants to over 50 newcomer-serving partner organisations to help them with employment, education, health and more. Beyond the connection to services, the grant will also support the Immigrants of Distinction Awards gala that celebrates the contribution of immigrants to a strong and prosperous Canada.  


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