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EDL celebrates Jabiru Power Station’s first 500 days of operation with new conservation partnership

Jabiru Power Station in the Northern Territory, Australia has completed 500 days of operation – providing renewable energy from solar power to local residents and businesses in the remote township, surrounded by the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.

In a powerful blend of clean energy and environmental conservation, global sustainable energy producer EDL has partnered with the Northern Territory Government, Parks Australia and local Djurrubu Rangers to safeguard the black-footed tree-rat and its habitat.

An established 1,000-hectare conservation zone will be carefully managed through a plan and monitoring programme, including controlling feral animals and weeds, managing fires on a small scale and conducting surveys to keep track of the local wildlife.  
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Turning trash into treasure: EDL’s largest RNG facility

Global sustainable energy producer EDL and key project stakeholders Republic Services, NW Natural Renewables and Pennant Midwest have commenced operations at the Limestone Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) facility near Youngstown, Ohio, USA.

EDL has upgraded an existing landfill gas-to-energy power plant to an RNG facility near Republic Services’ Carbon Limestone Landfill.

This new facility is helping to tackle the issue of carbon-heavy landfill gas (LFG) that typically escapes into the atmosphere due to the decomposition of rubbish. The LFG is processed and conditioned into pipeline-quality RNG – reducing harmful emissions and providing a reliable source of green energy for local residents and businesses.

The Limestone RNG facility is designed to produce 1.7 million MMBtu (million British thermal units) of RNG in 2024 – comparable to removing the emissions from 13,170 passenger vehicles from roads each year.  
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Weathering the climate-change storm to a carbon-free future

CKHH companies are enacting adaptive strategies to mitigate climate change, including leading the charge in the hydrogen revolution. Day 2 of the Global Climate Action Conference explored how CKHH companies deal with climate-change extreme events and how they are transitioning to climate-friendly energy generation.  
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The future of clean energy

CKHH companies aren’t just spending money on traditional renewable energy – they are investing in original R&D to bring innovative solutions to bear. Pilot projects advance to become invaluable solutions to mass adoption of green technologies that just might save us all.  
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Up comes the sun to win at Asian Power Awards

Jabiru (Northern Territory, Australia) is home to EDL’s award-winning Jabiru Hybrid Renewable Project. This project has enabled the town to significantly reduce diesel use, with 100% solar energy produced during the day. Excess solar energy is stored for use after dark, enabling over 50% of total energy consumption to come from renewables. It also promotes equity by ensuring 99.9% energy reliability for all of Jabiru’s residents. Preventing 6,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and promoting equity won the project the 2022 Asian Power Awards’ Solar Power Project of the Year – Australia!  
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EDL greens the mining sector with clean power

EDL opened Australia’s largest-ever hybrid microgrid power project, which now provides up to 85% of renewable energy in good weather conditions. The microgrid integrates wind, solar and thermal generation along with batteries to supply the Agnew Gold Mine with 99.99% reliable energy with, on average, 50–60% coming from renewable sources. It is the first in Australia to power a mine mostly with wind-generated electricity. But this is just the start; EDL plans to continue the hybrid renewable journey on this landmark project with the goal being to power the mine with 100% renewable energy.  

Landmark microgrid wins big for sustainable energy supply

A first-of-its-kind energy microgrid that takes its supply from wind, solar, and thermal generation, and manages distribution using battery solutions, has won big in 2020. EDL’s Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project in Western Australia has won Engineering Solution of the Year at the 2020 Global Energy Awards. The project has also won at the 2020 Asian Power Awards (Innovative Power Technology of the Year – Australia) and the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (WA Division).  


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