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LKSF supports CUHK Biomedical Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the importance of medical and biotechnology research as essential for protecting the health of the public and strengthening the future of medicine. In light of this, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF) has recently gifted HK$150 million to the Faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It will be matched by an equivalent amount from the government for a total development fund of HK$300 million. The funds will support research and the development of biomedical technologies. Mr Li Ka-shing has been impressed in the past by CUHK’s commitment to strengthening research, pushing forward on new discoveries and enhancing medical services. He links this progress to that of Hong Kong as a city, stating that “ensuring a more humanistic and technologically innovative future of healthcare is critical to the economic vibrancy of our city”.

In addition, LKSF has donated HK$5 million to support the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing to expand its premises. The gift will target specialist training, allowing more nurses to pursue their professional development and raise the quality of healthcare in Hong Kong.
In Focus

Grants from LKSF foster strategic, system-wide advances in knowledge

Tactical donations make a difference to help tackle one, or even several, problems. But a series of strategic donations will bolster the entire biological, bioengineering and biomedical establishment in Hong Kong with world-class platforms and integrative thinking.  
In Focus

LKSF delivers the sword and shield to medical professionals

The Li Ka Shing Foundation sprang into action early in the coronavirus pandemic to provide desperately needed personal protective equipment to medical staff.  

Love Can Help – The Love Keeps Coming

Love Can Help Phase II brings the total support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation for medical surgeries and welfare organisations that look after Hong Kong's most vulnerable persons to over HK$200 million. Highly complex medical treatment procedures and hands-on caring are both vital for keeping Hong Kong healthy.  


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