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On board, off board, 3 Hong Kong's 5G broadcast says thank you for the music

Hong Kong’s post-COVID-19 recovery has been replete with over-the-top events. The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra was brought to the world from live on board the cruise ship Resorts World One through 3 Hong Kong’s 5G technology. In support of the government’s Happy Hong Kong programme, the event was Hong Kong’s first-ever live boat-based broadcast from a cruise ship at sea. The Chinese music could be appreciated by people on the high seas and around the world!
Biz in Brief

Gimme that sweet, sweet (3HK) honey

3 Hong Kong is drawing in the next generation of worker bees, sleuthing out network blind spots using their phones with live-streaming apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Wacky ads recruited people to document their search for blind spots, letting consumers know that 3 Hong Kong takes network improvement seriously. Other fun recruitment drives included Beer Pong games held at the flagship 3 Hong Kong store with prizes including free airline tickets and honey bee beers. The city is buzzing with excitement over the promotions!

5G Spirituality for the world

Hong Kong transported the “Universe in a Flower” to Buddhists around the world using 5G 4K live streaming technology. The majestic music of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the stunning backdrop of Tsz Shan Monastery and spiritual rituals elevated those joining the concert in their religious observance. 3 Hong Kong also distributed a 3D lotus hologram device so that adherents could project the image and their prayers to the cosmos during the flower-offering ceremony.
Biz in Brief

SUPREMEly serving the people of Hong Kong

3 Hong Kong is bringing a supremely luxurious service to mobile phone customers through online services and the launch of their new SUPREME shop in the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping and entertainment districts. Concierge style service supports SUPREME customers with free data transfer services, smartphone beauty services and get your phone professionally disinfected with photocatalytic spray for free.


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