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Vitaquest is answering the people’s quest for new health

In the world of health supplements, it used to be enough to offer just vitamins and minerals. But now, consumers demand nootropics and other new categories of supplements that improve mental health, mental performance and achieve “beauty from within”.  
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Unleashing the Power of Vaccines to Fight Cancer!

Scientists are making incredible progress in using vaccines to combat cancer, bringing hope for improved cancer treatments in the future. Researchers at CK Life Sciences are developing vaccines that can slow down the growth and spread of cancer or prevent its recurrence after surgery.

One of their promising vaccines targets two proteins, PD-L1 (programmed death ligand 1) and PRAME (preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma), which are involved in promoting cancer. Normally, the immune system uses T cells to attack cancer cells, but PD-L1 puts the brakes on T cells, preventing them from doing their job. PRAME, on the other hand, promotes cancer cell growth and spread.

CK Life Science’s PD-L1/PRAME dual-targeting vaccine works by stimulating the immune system to produce T cells that can specifically kill cancer cells that have PD-L1 and/or PRAME. It also triggers the production of antibodies that can block PD-L1, allowing the T cells to attack cancer cells more effectively. Additionally, antibodies against PRAME further enhance the killing of cancer cells.

CK Life Sciences presented their innovative research on this vaccine at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego, showcasing its potential for treating liver cancer.  
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Salty Seventy Five: Dominion Dominates NZ salt

CK Life Sciences’ Dominion Salt has been a pioneer and industry leader in providing high-quality salt products to customers worldwide for the past seven and a half decades. Dominion Salt started salt production at Lake Grassmere on the northern end of South Island and never looked back. Its Lake Grassmere salt field was New Zealand’s first and remains its only salt field today. Dominion Salt’s diamond anniversary sees it providing a wide range of salt products, from table salt for people and salt licks for animals to pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride.
In Focus

A clean sweep at detecting cancer

PharusDx, a CK Life Sciences and CK Hutchison investee, is developing a test that would provide fast, accurate diagnosis of not one but multiple types of cancer – all from a single blood sample. And it is using AI to do it.  


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