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PARKnSHOP’s new eCom Fulfilment Centre triples ecommerce capacity

PARKnSHOP has invested over HK$200 million in a 300,000 sqft eCom Fulfilment Centre in a bold move that will increase its inventory processing volume by a factor of three. Cutting-edge technology is being used to improve efficiency. Artificial intelligence drives automatic guided vehicles. Data analytics spots inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement. This capability is crucial as the firm has seen its offline and online (O+O) strategy pay off handsomely with a triple increase in two years.  
In Focus

Watsons in-store design wins hearts and souls

Watsons’ ninth-generation store design ethos is transforming stores into experiential spaces, making the most of their O+O strategy and aligning Watsons with customers’ green hearts. Delivering human connection and a commitment to environmental stewardship is incorporated into features in stores from Hong Kong to Türkiye.  
Biz in Brief

Watsons: Open for business across GCC region

Watsons is set to win over an army of new fans for seamless Offline plus Online interactive shopping as it launches in Qatar. Watsons will be wowing Qataris from the Doha Festival City in the heart of this vibrant market. It joins five other shops located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in serving the people of the Gulf Cooperation Council region.  
Biz in Brief

Watsons is Grab-bing the Southeast Asia health and beauty market

The six-nation ‘Watsons X Grab’ partnership will hypercharge the O+O (offline plus online) shopping experience, and will see Watsons partnering with Grab, Southeast Asia’s ride-hailing and delivery juggernaut. Watsons stores in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines will form the backbone of this new shopping, payments and delivery behemoth. Watsons’ 2,300 stores continue to grow, with e-commerce sales doubling in 2020.  


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