Impact    |    06.2024

Hutchison Ports Promotes Green Initiatives Across the Globe

Hutchison Ports has launched various ”Go Green” initiatives worldwide in its efforts to push environmental sustainability. Huizhou Port Industrial Corporation kicked off with a tree-planting event in Quanwan, planting over 150 trees. Jiangmen International Container Terminals participated by planting purple wind chime flower saplings in Jinji, fostering local industrial and logistics development. Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals joined the cause, planting osmanthus frangrans trees. Hutchison Ports Busan and Gwangyang planted 255 seedlings in Gwangyang Suburban Park, continuing their 11 years of combating global warming. In the Bahamas, Hutchison Ports FCP celebrated the International Day of Forests by donating and planting fruit-bearing trees at the Dock School they sponsored, instilling environmental values in students using interactive activities.

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